The Lazar Pen Debacle

Mr.J ordered a laser pen from China recently to entertain our kitty cat, after waiting for weeks and weeks it finally came and the cat loved it! Some hilarious videos to follow! I’m not sure though if Mr.J or the cat enjoyed it more, either way it kept them entertained, and me happy!

The cat took the laser very seriously..

The cat took the laser very seriously..

To say that Mr.J got a little obsessive about this laser pen was an understatement, he took it all over with him and was constantly getting the cat to chase this little red dot around the house, funny the first few times maybe, but after a full day of it I was getting a little bored! So bed time comes, and yes the laser pen is still out, still playing, I am at this point trying to snuggle down and watch a good film! So after a few aggressive threats to put the pen in various unmentionable cavities polite requests from me for Mr.J to put the pen away, he finnily settled down! FEW.
After a lovely film I was softly drifting off to sleep when jack started frantically searching around the bedroom saying “where is my laser?” I have no idea why he started searching for his laser at this point, but he did, and he couldn’t find it.

He began demanding that I help him in his search, I’m gonna be honest, I couldn’t care less about his stupid laser at this point I just desperately wanted sleep! but no, on came the lights, “where is it?” he kept saying.. he began to get quite upset, and kind of resembled a disheveled crazy man as he searched in the small dark corners of our room with his torch (yeh he got the torch out…) he even began to blame the cat saying he had hidden it somewhere. I could not understand why he was getting so worked up, but, he was!

Anyway, I tried desperately to get to sleep over the noise of him searching when finally he gives up and comes to bed, lights out, peace.

Now as I am lying there I cant help but wonder, ‘where did that laser pen go… I could remember him playing with it when I wanted to watch the film..(Mr. J begins to snore  now).. but what happened then?’….BAMM!

“J turn the light on” … “J!!!”


“I know where the laser is!”

light comes on, it was, of course, in my pocket. I had taken it off him when I wanted to watch the film and forgotten all about it. To say I felt a bit guilty is an understatement! I felt awful, but couldn’t help laughing.
Mr.J was able to sleep soundly that night, cradling his precious laser and vowing to never let me get my hands on it again…

Miss W x

Devil Masks and Angry Taxi Drivers

Since starting this blog I have been thinking more about the differences between living with Mr.J and living with a group of friends like I did before. Of course the main change is that I get to see Mr.J a lot more, which is usually a good thing, unless he is trying to scare me. And by that I mean hiding in the pitch black for ten minutes with a devil mask on and jumping out at me looking like this:


I’m not sure which is more worrying the fact that he enjoys making me jump, or the fact he was willing to wait in a dark room for ten minutes in order to do it! (I am working on ways to get him back; maybe I’ll blog about that next time).

Also, I don’t have to deal with the annoying habits of my housemates, my main bug bearer being them getting back at early hours of the morning and waking me up, come to think of it.. that does still happen, take for instance about a month ago, Mr.J went to watch the football with his friends. No harm in that. I was sleeping soundly in bed when the sound of my phone ringing wakes me; of course its Mr.J and the conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hello what’s up?

J: Where are you??

Me: I’m at home, in bed, its 1am. Where are you?

J: I don’t know..

Me: What do you mean you don’t know??

J: I don’t know where I am… I’m on a road.. near a pub..

Me: Right.. Well go into the pub and call a taxi

J: No, I can’t, you have to get me

Me: No, it’s 1am, I’m sleeping, get a taxi


(This went on for some time)

Eventually he got a taxi, stumbled upstairs (to a very angry, very tired, me, who sent him packing to the spare room) and everything settled down again, great I thought, now I can get back to sleep….

KNOCK KNOCK….. BANG BANG…. someone banging at the door, what the hell?!

So I went into the spare room and awoke Mr.J after he had passed out in a pool of his own dribble fallen into a peaceful slumber, he then told me it was the taxi driver, and that he had told him he was just going into the house to get some change!


Ok so that part hasn’t changed, I’m still getting woken up late!

One thing that is different from living with my housemates is that I don’t have to always cook for myself, now Mr.J certainly is good at that. If there is one thing I need in a man, and that I find highly attractive, is a man that can cook. Risotto, curry, lovely! Unlike my old housemate who would come back from summer holidays with loads of frozen home cooked meals and spend his time microwaving them! The freezer was constantly full of them.

Sharing, now there is a difference I am struggling with! In a house share, there is a general consensus that you don’t use/consume other people’s things, unless they have chocolate and then it’s every man for himself! But generally it wasn’t something I needed to worry about.
Since living with Mr.J this has changed, it seems everything has gone from being mine to ours which most of the time I don’t mind, sharing towels, furniture, pens etc I can deal with. It’s the shampoo that I struggle with, yes, shampoo. I have dyed hair, and I like to indulge in a nice expensive shampoo that leaves my locks shiny and luscious! But since everything has become ours so does Mr.J! He is happily lathering himself up with my shampoo that I have paid for, while I am quietly seething away! I asked him not to use it but he says it’s all part of being in a relationship, hmm.. I would like to see him fork out £10 for something and then let me use it all up. In fact I have just been along to boots and bought myself some more, I’m thinking about hiding this batch, is that cruel? Should I share? I don’t know, what do you think?

Overall though it doesn’t seem that much has changed, living with a housemate is somewhat like living with a boyfriend, minus the kisses and cuddles, and those, are worth all the angry taxi drivers, and devil masks in the world.

Peace out

Miss W

Mystery No.1

Since living with a man I have found my world has become more full of mysteries. And by that I mean finding things around the house that Mr.J has done and being completely confused by it. So I have decided I will share these little mysteries with you and you guys can try and come up with the answers, later on I will comment with Mr.Js explanations!

Ok so first one, I have just got home from work and found this on the kitchen side:

Just incase you can’t see it, it’s some ginger, a large knife, a grater full of ginger, and an open tampon, tampon has not been tampered with.
What went on here…?

Miss W x

20121116-061401 PM.jpg

A Peeping J..

This morning me and a friend were talking about the strange things that men sometimes do and it got me thinking about an incident that happened a few weeks ago. For this to make sense your going to need a bit of background Info;
I like baths, no I love baths! I have a bit of a ritual when it comes to running a bath, first I like to clean the bath, de-clutter around the bath and get it running, stage one complete.
I then need to set up all the candles in the optimum position for the best lighting (yes, yes I am being serious..) which is always a bit of a nightmare because Mr.J  likes to move them around. So when that is all done I need to get all the bits and bobs needed for a bath, here is my list of things needed:

  • Small hand towel
  • Book
  • Large drink with ice (preferably alcoholic)
  • Chocolate
  • Phone
  • Laptop, loaded up with the latest Dexter, or whatever I am obsessing over at the time
  • Extension cable (again, Mr.J likes to hide these)

There we have it, the ultimate bath experience at the ready, of course all this takes time, and my overall bath experience takes about an hour and a half.

So anyway back to the story at hand, I was about half way through my routine, somewhere between getting the water right, and setting up the candles, and I felt that feeling, that I’m sure your familiar with, of being watched. I had a look around but couldn’t see anyone so carried merrily on, but I still had that feeling and I was sure I could hear something. So I whipped around quickly, now I’m not sure what I was expecting to see at this point, an intruder? A ghost? The cat? But no, instead I see Mr.Js head peeping round the side of the bathroom door looking something like this:

He then proceeded to quickly hide behind the door again, as if hoping I had somehow missed his peeping face. Now I think it’s important to mention at this point that I am still fully dressed, so I was pretty sure he wasn’t doing this for some sort of sexual gratification. Which left me rather baffled as to why my boyfriend was hiding behind the door watching me run my bath.

I poked my head out of the door to find him stood up close to the wall like some sort of spy, and said what I think anyone would have said at this point “***** what the hell are you doing?!” to which he squealed in a rather embarrassed manner and tried to run down the hall!
I caught hold of him at which point he said “I just wanted to know what you do in there!”

Now I suppose that from a mans point of view when I disappear of into the bathroom for over an hour, he must wonder what goes on in there. But the thought of him peeking in on me to find out what goes on in my mysterious bath sessions had me rolling around in laughter! To which he looked very embarrassed and said that he just liked to watch me.
Which I suppose is rather quite lovely in a way..

Peace out,

Miss W

The Day The Toilet Got Blocked…

So it all starting this morning, I strolled downstairs to the toilet to fulfill my morning needs and I heard what every woman wants to hear first thing in the morning “I’ve blocked the toilet”. fantastic! my first thought was that Mr.J had taken a rather large shit and consequently blocked it, but no his response as to why the toilet was blocked was even better “i emptied the cat litter into it and now it won’t flush”. Now I don’t know how a mans mind works but as far as I’m concerned cat litter doesn’t go down the toilet!
So I rushed into the toilet expecting to see a lump of cat litter at the bottom, nothing major. The sight that greeted me was a little something like this:

20121115-085308 PM.jpg
Ok.. Maybe not that bad… But still. You get the picture.
So I then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him repeatedly calmly explained that cat litter does not go down the loo and rather in the bin.
Now comes the rather unfortunate part of the story, as if the blockage of the toilet had not been enough! I still had not fulfilled my needs and by this point I was getting frantically desperate. After flapping about for a bit asking Mr.J what I was supposed to do we came to the desicion that it would have to be done in the very full, very blocked toilet.

After all the drama wirh the toilet I was then running late, so I did what I needed to do and quickly got ready for work. I suggested to Mr.J that he call a plumber as the toilet really was in a state now, and promptly left. (haha serves him right for being so stupid!)

I was rather embarrassed about the fact a plumber was going to have to deal with the horrendous state of the toilet but reassured myself that I would probably never meet him!

Later that day I got home and asked Mr.J if the toilet was unblocked yet, he then went on to explain (very proudly) that he had unblocked it himself, as he was explaining how he had fished out mine and the cats shit with a soup ladle I couldn’t decide if this was a show of true love or true madness…

I did of course throw the soup ladle in the bin, against Mr.J’s wishes to put it in the dishwasher!!!
Which is another issue we have, hygiene, but that’s a whole different story.

Peace out


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!
Introductions; well I am a 22 year old girl and earlier this year I took the bold (maybe idiotic..) step of moving in with my boyfriend!
This blog will follow our trials and tribulations and hopefully make you giggle…